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The world of payments is about to get a whole lot more exciting.

Payments via your mobile number or email address and transfers in seconds not days. Australia’s soon to be launched New Payments Platform (NPP) brings a host of new capabilities and opens the door to new opportunities for innovation.

As a key partner to BPAY Group, we’ve helped in the development and certification of the first product to leverage the capabilities of the New Payments Platform (NPP) – Osko by BPAY™.

Our expertise in the NPP can help anyone interested in:

  • Learning how to innovate on the NPP
  • Helping you build your product or service to leverage the NPP

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Who can we help?

Anyone looking to connect to or explore the benefits on NPP.

How can we help?

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We have the technical expertise and know-how to:

  • Get certified. We can help you tell navigate the NPP regulations and procedures you need to meet.
  • Run the necessary resilience and availability testing to help you pass acceptance.
  • Overcome security concerns through vigorous security and alias registration protocols.


Industrie&Co has helped many new and established businesses turn their ideas into digital reality. From ideation and early stage concepts through to build, launch and scale.

Together we can explore opportunities the new platform can offer:

  • Servicing your clients in ways you haven’t yet imagined.
  • Bringing your product to life. Planning, designing, market testing and building.
  • Helping you to get to market quickly, ensuring your new product or service is certified and operationally ready for launch.
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Why Industrie&Co?

We’ve been busy helping build and certify the first product to leverage Australia’s New Payment Platform.

Plus, 10 years of building innovative, software-powered financial products and services throughout Australia and Asia.

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