Timeliness Platform – Mate, when will I be late?

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The  Vision 

An innovative solution to predict the timeliness of their fleet

The Challenge

Global logistics and transportation company Linfox needed to find new ways to maintain their position as a premium service provider in a market that is generally driven by price.

They had great ideas about how they could address the growing expectations of their customers through web and mobile services, but required assistance from a partner with specialist experience and capability to rapidly test those ideas and turn them into reality.

As demand and disruption within the industry grows, Linfox are always looking for ways to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers as well as maintain a competitive edge.They needed to continue to differentiate their service offering in an environment where competition is strong and margins are constantly under pressure. Linfox sought support to identify opportunities to enhance the timeliness of deliveries, and lead the way in disrupting the industry.

Why Industrie&Co

Industrie&Co could ensure that Linfox’s ideas would be validated and prototyped quickly by utilising their innovation experience and design-thinking approach. Industrie&Co’s depth of engineering expertise and partner relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) would allow Linfox to rapidly turn their innovation investment into real products that provided tangible business value.

The Solution

Validate Linfox’s fleet tracking ideas through exploration and experimentation by

  • Engaging Industrie&Co’s innovation practice to rapidly work from problem to concept design, with Linfox operations managers collaborating on processes, business logic, and important metrics

  • Exploring Google Traffic APIs and designing an algorithm to predict ETAs for multi-stop routes

  • Building a working proof-of-concept application to demonstrate ETA predictions utilising their live fleet’s IoT technology and real world traffic data

Create the Mate, when will I be late? application with Linfox’s entire operational needs in mind by

  • Building an application that works well with Linfox's existing operational systems

  • Implementing efficient defect remediation and change control using AWS services and code deployment pipelines

  • Extending key features and iterating the user-experience from their customer's feedback

The Outcome

  • Linfox was able to showcase innovation and speed-to-value internally, while addressing a key pain of managing their fleet's timeliness

  • They built an experience that disrupts their industry by providing a unique and useful value-add to their customers

  • Linfox continues to adapt to the insights they're generating as part of the company’s ongoing work to foster a culture of innovation within their business

2,000 Vehicles & IoT devices were active in real-time 24×7 during the pilot

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