Deploy Bank grade cloud platforms faster and safer

Cloud sounds easy, but it isn’t.

We’ve taken a decade of hard earned Cloud experience in some of the most challenging, regulated environments and turned that knowledge into a tool. A tool called Platform+ to automate battle hardened and best practice cloud deployments.

It’s designed for everyone – whether you are a Startup looking to disrupt an industry or an Enterprise navigating the cloud in highly regulated markets – you’ll benefit from the first agnostic, end-to-end cloud automation tool on the market.

Automation built to take headache out of deploying any kind of environment from wide scale customer ready production platforms through to letting you burst up and down development and test environments.

Accelerate from the right foundation.

We know what you need out of the box – 24/7 availability, scalability, security, resilience and the ability to plug-in multiple cloud providers.
They are now givens.

And our tool has been designed to help you succeed in complex environments and to support business that is getting faster not slower – freeing you up to focus on continual and agile delivery rather than grappling with infrastructure.

More importantly we help you separate Cloud capability from Cloud provider so you can be the master of your own destiny – baking in the ability to easily move between providers so you can choose Cloud providers based on their capabilities.

Cut deployment time by 80% and costs by half.

Our tool is the culmination of hundreds of cloud deployments & has helped us:
  • Deploy a ready to roll, production Cloud environment in 2 hours for a Global Insurer
  • Provide flexibility for an Investment Bank, allowing them to scale up and down environments – reducing release cycles from months to days
  • Match specialised on-premise Oracle hardware for a major gas and oil corporation in the Cloud for 75% less cost
  • Let a Swiss Bank deploy core applications in the Cloud for the first time – meeting their stringent security standards while scaling for 7 million users
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Imagine what it could do for you.

Talk to us about what edition is right for you or about some of the other accelerators we’ve built.

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