We partner with enterprises and start-ups to positively impact the world.

Life at Industrie&Co

``Giving back to the community is something I feel strongly about. Industrie&Co has supported me in organising volunteer days, in-office fundraising events and group blood donations and it has been an extremely rewarding experience. Giving back is a shared value here.``

— Binyamin


``I recently joined a client project with a team of engineers, and our clients onboarded us with such a warm welcome and of course, abundant coffee. It just felt like a team rather than an outside consultant.``

— Jessica

Experience Designer

“Moving from Singapore in late 2018, I got my first job at Industrie&Co as a Full Stack Engineer. I still remember thinking awesome people, central CBD, flexible work culture, and what amazing opportunities to work with different technologies and across industries. I like what I signed up for.”

— Tony

Software Engineer

“I was a client of Industrie&Co doing awesome work from our cool office in Sydney and couldn’t understand why there was no Melbourne presence. So I joined, opened Melbourne and replicated the ingredients with a vision to make a difference in Melbourne.”

— Richard


``I met more people in my first week at Industrie&Co than I did in a year at my previous job. I think it really reflects the culture that Industrie&Co encourages both in the office and on client sites.``

— Chris

Scrum Master

“I love going on journeys doing great work and forming meaningful relationships with clients and teams. Industrie&Co has not only given me the opportunity to explore, but also awesome stories to share with great people.”

— Chris


Our values

Begin with empathy

Begin with empathy

Balance your intellect with empathy.
Act with people’s best interests at heart; understand their aspirations, their pain or challenge and make them feel connected, supported and inspired.

Embody grit

Embody grit

Be passionate, courageous and persevere when exploring new terrain and ideas. Change that is meaningful and impactful is challenging.

Be open

Be open

Keep an open mind and spirit.
Seek new opportunities and leverage unconventional ideas. Use your creativity to adapt to change.

Think forward

Think forward

Make decisions and act with the future in mind. Build things that you will be proud to pass on to tomorrow’s generations.

Always  learning 

through one-on-one catch ups every fortnight and
sharing our project and passions at lunch-and-learns.

Making an  impact,  big or small 

I&Co is on a mission to pledge 1% of our time,
revenue and services to give back to the community.

Building a  community 

With Friday drinks, brown bags, monthly themed parties,
birthday celebrations, meetups and partner events.

Follow our ideas, code and beer on us!

Sound like something you want to be a part of?