We are a technology company who support visionaries to build new businesses and transform existing ones through the power of design thinking, smarter ways of working, and years of engineering know-how.

Our journey

In 2007, we were a small but ambitious team led by Con Zeritis, together we founded Industrie&Co with a simple vision. A technology company that would help build tomorrow’s best software-powered businesses.

We began our journey tackling challenging projects with Macquarie Bank and National Australia Bank, with that we established early foundations in the financial services sector.

With the support of our first strategic partner Amazon Web Services, we set out to build one of Australia’s first large-scale public cloud platforms. Our partnership today stands stronger than ever alongside others like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

As we ventured into new terrains, we expanded our Engineering roots to include Cloud, User Experience, Design Thinking and Agile Delivery, intertwining both innovation and engineering practices.

We have since launched exciting trading and payment platforms, helped enterprises transform their digital experiences, and advised and invested in 20+ high-growth start-ups.

From that small team, we are now a team of 150+ diverse thinkers, innovators, builders and leaders working across Asia Pacific with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Today, we embrace the same values and vision in building tomorrow’s best software-powered businesses.


Con Zeritis, CEO of Industrie&Co

Currently with 3 office locations across Asia Pacific – Sydney, Melbourne and Hong Kong – we’re a next-generation consulting company.


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What they have to say about us

We quickly recognised Industrie&Co’s strengths in innovation, design, and engineering. We had a partner who would zoom out and help us to become the company we wanted to become and then to take the practical steps to get there through experimentation...

— Dan Hammond

Chief Disruption Officer at LIW

It was clear to us that the team were passionate and driven to reach the best possible outcome for us and the platform. We’re really happy with the end result, as are the other stakeholders – they were all very impressed with the final product.

— Melissa Verdino

Product Manager at FIAL

A BIG THANK-YOU to the entire team!! The changes have already been very well received by everyone around the office and we are excited to see how they are received by our customers!

— Shannon Langston

eCommerce Manager at RFG

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG)

By the year 2030, we will help create or transform 1,000 businesses into software-powered companies and positively impact the world in a billion ways.

There is no question that today’s technology powered change is faster and more impactful than ever before, the rate of change is accelerating and there is no end in sight. We change technology and technology changes us in ways that are often beyond our wildest imagination. The question that remains … is this ultimately positive for us?

By working with the new organisations like home loan mortgage start-up Athena go-to-market and as well as established organisations like HSBC to launch an innovative new payments platform, we have helped thousands of people improve their lives in some small or big way.

If we continue to help create new and transform existing organisations into modern software-powered companies, we can amplify our impact on a global scale. By harnessing the power of technology, we aim to help one thousand companies deliver positive change and touch the world in a billion positive ways.